The Danielson Group’s Fall Institute

October 28, 2022

Reflections From Our Team

“The most rewarding feeling is when educators feel seen and heard in our workshops. Our continuous push to expand our definition of equity and social and emotional learning has had a huge impact on how teachers and school administration see their role in helping students succeed.” —Brian Johnson, Director of Learning Design and Development

This past month, the Danielson Group’s Director of Learning Design and Development, Brian Johnson, and Director of Learning Strategies, Lee Kappes, Ed.D welcomed educators from across the country for our first in-person institute since 2020. Together we gathered with teachers, instructional coaches, and school leaders, to develop a foundational understanding of the updated Framework for Teaching (FFT) and deepen understanding around how observation and feedback are important in growing and supporting educators. As we all continue to navigate changes and challenges in the classroom and world at large, educators need opportunities to collaborate and learn from each other.

Reflections on the Fall Institute:

  • Reflection #1

    Bringing educators together is by far one of the most impactful ways they can practice building a culture of learning using the Framework for Teaching as a tool for collaboration and discussion. The institute provided multiple opportunities to see more commonalities than differences in themselves and their schools.
  • Reflection #2

    Educators who use the Framework for Teaching, as well as the Danielson Group, must continue to be champions for developing and coaching teachers by allowing risk-taking and providing space for teachers to own their craft. Professional growth is not linear and requires continuous efforts to try, apply, and rethink practice.

Reflection #3

During the institute, we engaged our participants in several reflective activities around trust, empathy and bias for coaching and observing. In our debriefs, many participants noted that in order for our schools to thrive, both instructionally and socially, there must be a larger emphasis on the conditions and environment around trust and empathy.

If we continue to learn anything from the teachers and school leaders that we work with, it is that the updated FFT can and does provide the necessary foundation for educators to grow in their professional learning communities. With an emphasis on flexibility and attention to context, the FFT helps educators teach authentically and strategically to best support student success.