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Our Story

We’re passionate about supporting teacher inquiry and innovation to elevate student learning and development.

When teachers thrive, students thrive

Our mission is to create a just and flourishing society by promoting teaching that is joyful, humanizing, and focused on equity.

We believe in education for the development of identity, intellect, and character, and in professional learning that honors the power, wisdom and moral leadership of teachers.

our core beliefs

Our vision, mission and work are grounded in three simple but powerful core beliefs about teaching, learning, and the purpose of education. 


Each and every student deserves access to quality teaching


Learning is done by the learner through an active, intellectual process.
Excellent teachers take wise and deliberate action on behalf of students.

Our Vision of Instructional Excellence

We know that a commitment to shared values and a common vision of instructional excellence are the foundation for teacher and student success.

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Our Work

why do state education agencies, school districts, networks, schools, universities, and national ministries partners with the danielson group?

We help them…

Strengthen professional practice by supporting and empowering educators in their pursuit of excellence. 

Elevate great teaching by developing knowledge and resources to transform practice based on evidence and need. 

Inspire a shift toward growth by redesigning professional learning systems to prioritize teacher learning and continuous improvement.

Our history

Millions of educators worldwide have used the Framework for Teaching since it was first published in 1996. The Danielson Group has worked with over 1,500 organizations in 49 states and U.S. territories and 15 other countries.

The Framework for Teaching was developed by Charlotte Danielson to promote clear and meaningful conversations about effective teaching practices. It was, in many ways, the first of its kind and has stood the test of time.
Charlotte Danielson brought 12 other educators and experts to launch the Danielson Group, a group of consultants committed to realizing the potential of the FFT.
The 2nd edition of the Framework for Teaching was released with updated components, elements, and rubrics that reflected learning and research over a decade of implementation.
Research from the University of Chicago's Consortium on School Research and the Measures of Effective Teaching study demonstrated the connection between The FFT, student perception data, and positive outcomes for students.
The Danielson Group published the FFT Evaluation Instrument, which was adopted, approved, or adapted by 31 states and over half of the country's 20 largest school districts.
The Framework for Teaching Clusters was published as a companion tool to the FFT to further support teacher reflection, professional conversations, and instructional coaching.
The Danielson Group relaunched as a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the principles of the FFT to ensure each educator and student experiences a safe and inclusive learning environment that promotes joyful inquiry, efficacy, intellectual rigor, and reflection.
This year marked the 25th anniversary of the FFT’s release.
The Danielson Group celebrates the 25th anniversary of the FFT with the release of the third edition, updated components, a new rubric, and tools to support teacher growth and development.