Our 10+ years of partnership with Prince George’s County Public Schools has been one of our longest and largest working with a school district serving over 130.000 students . Our partnership continues to remain steadfast and has evolved each year as the needs of the district have changed. Over the term of our partnership, the DG team has provided foundational training on the Framework for Teaching (FFT) for administrators and teachers, supported educators county wide in using the FFT for teacher observation, reflection, and feedback, used the Framework to support the work of coaches and mentors, and helped to build local capacity to incorporate the Framework in other district initiatives. Through ongoing communication and outreach, the DG and PGCPS have forged a partnership that adjusts and aligns to district priorities as the years progress. Our overarching goal is to work hand-in-hand to improve teacher practice and positively impact student learning. 

We are pleased to be currently working with PGCPS on two very exciting projects. First, we are collaborating with a team of PGCPS educators to create a resource library for teachers aligned to the components of the Framework for Teaching. Our second big multi-year project is the result of a grant awarded by the US. Department of Education to jointly plan and implement programming to support teachers in literacy instruction for multilingual learners.