An Important Announcement From The DG

February 13, 2024

From The Danielson Group Team

One chapter is coming to an end and the beginning of another at the Danielson Group (DG) is here. One of us – Jim Furman, the Danielson Group’s Executive Director since its founding in 2018 – has accepted a new role and has transitioned out of his role at the DG.

Lee Kappes, Managing Director of the Danielson Group, assumed the role of Interim Executive Director on February 5th. Lee is a lifelong public-school educator, instructional leader and coach, and central-office senior leader. Over the last several years, Lee has been instrumental in redesigning the Danielson Group’s core supports to teachers, school leaders, and central-office teams. Lee is perfectly positioned to build on the good work Jim has led and the foundation established by Charlotte Danielson.

A lot has been accomplished in the last few years: The Danielson Group has supported thousands of schools and districts across the country, helping hundreds of thousands of teachers to better serve millions of students. We’ve updated our offerings to enable online services and launched just-in-time learning modules to meet the needs of busy teachers. Perhaps most important for our future partnerships and impact, we completed a comprehensive update to the Framework for Teaching, which initially was published by ASCD almost 30 years ago. Lee worked alongside Charlotte and Jim on this update and is deeply immersed in the new insights and innovations it contains. We released the updated version almost two years ago, and this school year it is being used in schools all over the U.S. We are excited to partner with ASCD this spring on releasing a book-length version of the updated Framework to complement the online versions that already are available.

We are grateful to each of you for allowing the Danielson Group’s Framework for Teaching to be a part of your journey toward responsive, joyful, and rigorous teaching. You inspire us through your commitment to continuous improvement and your dedication to student success.