Online Learning

Support continual professional growth through interactive online workshops and courses, personalized professional learning, useful tools and resources, or virtual reality simulations. We have individual and group opportunities for teachers, pre-service teachers, mentors, instructional coaches, and school leaders.

Foundational Workshops 

Our foundational workshops are now available online for individuals and teams. We recommend attending as a group to receive the full benefit. A discount for groups of 4 or more is available. Contact us if you are interested in an exclusive workshop (online, blended, or in person) for your school, district, or team. 

Thriving Teachers, Thriving Students Webinar Series

These 90-minute webinars are designed with teachers in mind. Some are intended to support teachers in reflection, self-assessment, and growing their own practice. Others are for those who support teachers and focus on practices and structures to support teacher inquiry and innovation. 

Full list of offerings and registration coming soon. 

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Supporting Remote Instruction

(Dates & Registration Details Coming Soon)
Understand the Components of the FFT in the context of virtual instruction; learn about practices to support virtual instruction, including strategies for remote coaching; and develop plans for leading remote professional learning with teachers

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Fostering a Safe Learning Environment Focused on Equity (Cluster 2)

(Dates & Registration Details Coming Soon)
Understand the importance of artfully combining challenges with support in your classrooms. We will discuss how to maintain intellectual rigor as well as build student mindsets around their commitment to deliver high-quality work. Using Cluster 2 (A Safe, Respectful, Supportive, and Challenging Learning Environment), you will develop strategies to promote joyful inquiry, intellectual rigor, and reflection.
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Increasing Student Engagement Using Questioning & Discussion Techniques

(Dates & Registration Details Coming Soon)
During this webinar, we will unpack the misconceptions around what is at the heart of student intellectual engagement and the different ways to create productive struggle with age-appropriate cognitive demands. You will be able to reflect on lesson structure and the use of higher-order thinking and reasoning skills to promote student discourse - whether face-to-face or online.