Online Learning

Virtual sessions and dialogue with folks from our team, along with educators from across the country and around the globe aimed at supporting you in creating high-quality learning environments for educators and students.

Online learning options for individuals and groups presented by the Danielson Group.

These online gatherings offer participants the opportunity to engage with a knowledgeable presenter, other educators, and the Framework through a virtual learning session. Every participant will receive a certificate of participation, which notes the hours spent in the session. These sessions will initiate an acquaintance with the Framework, which participants can explore more deeply through Danielson Group Institutes, Conferences, Coaching, and On-site Services. Please note that space is limited and is offered on a first-come, first-served basis in order to create the highest quality experience.


Overview of the Framework For Teaching  

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: $49 per person

Date/ Time: February 11 at 7 pm Eastern | Register Here

This seminar will focus on the principles, assumptions, and Common Themes of the Framework for Teaching. Educators will become familiar with the nature of the Framework and its purposes. The Framework offers a shared evidence base for thinking about students and constructivist learning, analyzing practice, articulating action, predicting effects, and furthering a culture for learning. 


Online Norming Session for Observers of Teaching

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: $59 per person

Dates/ Times: 

Saturday, February 22 at 9 am Eastern | Register Here

March 16, 3 pm Eastern | Register Here

Gather with other educators to look at evidence of teaching, align it with the research-based descriptions of effective practice in the Framework for Teaching and arrive at consensus. Participants will have a chance to strengthen their orientation to the Framework, ask clarifying questions, and anchor their interpretation of teaching through discussion. This is one step in preparing to realize the value of the Framework to build a culture of trust, to gain insight into educational systems and decisions, to identify gaps and ways to expand practice, and to debrief observations collaboratively. Prior knowledge of the Framework is required and foundational training is a suggested prerequisite.


Overview of the Framework For Teaching Clusters

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: $49 per person

Date/Time: February 24 at 7 pm Eastern | Register Here

The Clusters distill the big ideas of the Framework’s 22 components into six Clusters. This seminar will share this tool as a means to develop a language of practice, which coaches, mentors, and peers can use to have clear conversations about pedagogy and how it relates to specific content and student learning. This companion tool to the Framework can encourage educators to see themselves as lifelong learners and to take the lead on new approaches. 


Growth-Focused Observations

Duration: 8 hours total - 2 hours per session

Cost: $169 per person | Register Here

Dates/ Times:

Session 1: Wednesday, April 1, 7 pm Eastern

Session 2: Thursday, April 2, 7 pm Eastern

Session 3: Friday, April 3, 8 am Eastern

Session 4: Saturday, April 4, 8 am Eastern

Explore how to use the Framework to ground and guide an observation process that is meaningful and learner-focused. While observation and evaluation protocols are local decisions, this course will offer expertise gained from Danielson Group work in many schools across the nation. This course for observers of teaching at the school level as well as pre-service supervisors will explore topics such as evidence versus opinion, observer bias, attributes of the Framework’s levels of performance, and student intellectual engagement. Practical exercises will prepare observers to collect quality evidence and interpret it reliably in the service of professional learning and student-centered outcomes. Participants will be encouraged to use the Framework as a springboard for conversations about school values, equity, differentiation, the integration of social-emotional and cultural understanding, and teacher empowerment.

These sessions are sequential and scaffolded and full participation is recommended. Only those who attend all 8 hours will receive a certificate of completion.

DANIELSON GROUP PARTNERS may request private sessions to work as teams of observers organized by grade bands and content areas to monitor consistency and reliability and to deepen the collective understanding of expectations about teaching practice. Use this form to inquire and receive a group price.