Development Opportunities to Positively Impact Student Learning

Strengthen professional practice, elevate great teaching, and inspire a shift toward growth.

The Danielson Group provides professional development and strategic support services to partners across the United States and abroad. Together, we’ll work to find the best services to meet your needs and the needs of your teachers and students. We work with: teachers, teacher leaders, peer coaches, observers, central office staff, curriculum & instructional personnel, building/district level administrators, pre-service faculty & field supervisors, and/or state Department of Education leaders.

On-Site Support

Our on-site support services include strategic planning, workshops tailored to your needs, coaching sessions, learning walks, and other structures to help you meet your goals. We believe face-to-face learning and support are essential but we also pair these services with virtual learning and support. We provide and customize the tools and resources you need and help you build the right structures and systems to sustain success.

Workshops & Institutes

When Charlotte Danielson first published the Framework for Teaching in 1996, she put her phone number in the back of the book. She began getting calls as soon as the first copies were mailed. The demand was more than she could meet, so she pulled together a group of colleagues and designed learning experiences for adults that could be delivered across the country. This is how the Danielson Group and the Framework workshops were born. 

The Danielson Institute

Danielson Group Framework Specialists, Professional Learning Advisors, Curriculum Designers, and Project Coordinators have extensive backgrounds in education, along with a deep level of Framework understanding.