Together, We Can Empower Teachers To Be Their Best

May 7, 2024

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

From The Danielson Group Team

This week we celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week, a time to elevate and celebrate the incredible work that educators do each and every day—in their classrooms and beyond—to support the development and success of today’s students.

At the Danielson Group (DG) we know that teachers are leaders in their own right and it is our job as a professional learning organization to empower and encourage their journey towards instructional excellence.

Guided and defined by the five interrelated principles listed below, the DG’s approach to professional learning supports teachers by creating professional learning systems and communities that authentically value the work of educators, acknowledge their tireless efforts, and appreciate their dedication and commitment to the success of their students.

Professional Learning with Impact, 2024.

Professional learning is a COLLECTIVE experience involving all teachers, coaches and school leaders.

TEACHER EFFICACY is beyond three times more powerful and predictive of student achievement than socioeconomic status, home environment, parental involvement, and student motivation. (Hattie, 2016)

Professional learning is ANCHORED to a validated framework that defines instructional excellence.

The Framework for Teaching (FFT) provides teachers a complete definition of the components of excellent instruction and the opportunity to select their own pathway for professional learning. Leveraging the FFT can accelerate teacher growth, improve student outcomes, and create a more rewarding and sustaining professional learning culture and environment.

COHERENT professional learning connects the dots between districtwide systems, structures, and initiatives to the growth and learning opportunities we provide educators.

The instructional coaching teachers receive, collaborative inquiry teachers participate in during PLCs, and the self-assessment and reflection that teachers engage in are all connected and build upon the improvement efforts of their school and community.

Professional learning experiences for teachers are SYMMETRICAL to the goals and expectations we have for student learning.

“If you want teachers to teach students in a particular way, you have to give teachers opportunities to have those same kinds of learning experiences.” (Jal Mehta) At the DG we recognize and value that the components of effective teaching and learning are as important for adult learners as they are for students.

When professional learning is GENERATIVE or when the emphasis is on applying new knowledge and understanding, these actions drive ongoing professional learning.

Teachers who have experienced professional learning that includes reflective practice, instructional coaching and collaborative inquiry recognize that these fundamental components of professional growth and development. Work together to empower teachers to drive their own learning- on their own, with a coach or in PLCs with colleagues.

Let’s Support Teachers Together

Working with our partners, the DG team has witnessed the amazing transformation to professional learning systems that is possible when classroom teachers are valued and supported in their own learning. This Teacher Appreciation Week and beyond, we hope that you use the FFT as a tool to support and empower educators to be their best! We would love to join you in that pursuit.