Our Team

Maria Akinyele

Assistant Director of Innovation & Strategic Partnerships


Program Coordinator

Alexis Brocchi

Program Coordinator

Charlotte Danielson


Jim Furman

Executive Director

Shirley R. Hall

Director of Partnerships & Program Delivery

Brian Johnson

Assistant Director of Learning Design and Development

Rena Joseph

Program Coordinator

Lee Kappes

Director of Learning Strategies

Teresa Lien

Program Manager, Professional Learning with Impact

Dara Stigdon

Manager of Finance & Operations

Catherine Thomas

Executive Operations Manager

Karyn Wright

Assistant Director of Partnerships


Ron Anderson

Wendy Anderson

Kathy Andreasen

Shelly Arneson

Darlene H. Axtell

Bridgette Blue Laney

Marlinda Boxley

Crystal Brice

James Elder

Jorie Ellis

Linnea Garrett


Kathleen Hanson

Bob Hassler

Virgina Hill

Amy Jefferis

Melissa Linton

Juliette Longchamp

Cheryl Lundy Swift

Peggy Olcott

Joanie Peterson

Rhonda Pitts

Venessa Powell

Lindsay Prendergast

Lynn Sawyer

Crystal Wash

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