Study Guide Series: Looking at Teaching Through the Lens of the FFT Clusters

Study Guide Series: Looking at Teaching Through the Lens of the FFT Clusters

Teachers and instructional coaches (including mentors and teacher preparation personnel) want to improve or enhance teaching practice.

The Danielson Group created a powerful professional development tool in a series of Study Guides. Each Guide provides steps educators can use to examine examples of teaching practice, discuss that practice with their colleagues, and use what they learn to examine their own and colleagues’ practices to promote growth.

The power of professional learning comes when educators can have focused discussions about the teaching and learning that they witness. The process of discussing what one has learned from the Instructional Set with colleagues, and how it can be applied to one’s own practice, are the actions needed to enhance teaching and learning. Just watching videos of effective teachers is not enough to change practice. Additional thinking and actions need to happen in order to impact change. These Study Guides are intended for use by educators participating in professional learning communities.

There are eight Study Guides in the Series. Each Study Guide covers three different Instructional Sets, including 3 different grade levels and subjects. Analyzing lessons from a variety of grades and subject areas provides learning opportunities for educators that stretch their analysis skills and enhance their understanding of the FFT Clusters.

Contents of the Study Guides

Each Study Guide provides a multi-step process to examine, reflect on, discuss, and apply learning from the contents of an Instructional Set. Each guide provides the following steps:

  1. Lesson Overview
  2. Preparation and Questions
  3. Viewing the Classroom Video
  4. Selected Highlights of the Lesson Video
  5. Viewing the Teacher Commentary
  6. Questions, Applications, and Discussion

For each Instructional Set, there is an extensive list of evidence gleaned from the video and artifacts that is aligned to the FFT Clusters by master coders Videos from the Resource Links section may need to be downloaded first to view.

Each Study Guide includes two versions for each Instructional Set:

  • One version for communities of teachers
  • Another version for communities of instructional coaches or teacher mentors.

The first five steps of the process are identical in both versions, and were designed to focus on examining the instruction taking place in the classroom video. Step 6 is a group activity focusing on analyses of the featured Instructional Set and applications of learning.

Each of the 8 Study Guide sets are available through Amazon, and a link for their purchase is provided below.

PLEASE NOTE: The Danielson Group does not take orders/payment for the Study Guides. They are available exclusively through Amazon.


Study Guide Set # Grade Level Subject Purchase Study Guide Book Resource Links
1 8 Science Amazon: FFT Study Guide Set 1 Science Literacy: The Manhattan Project
3 Math Perseverance, Solving Using Different Strategies
11 Social Studies Close Reading
2 9 Adaptive Indust. Tech Amazon: FFT Study Guide Set 2 Adaptive Design: Footrest
8 ELA Questioning Poetry
5 Math Comparing and Solving Ratios and Rates
3 9-10 Math Amazon: FFT Study Guide Set 3 Theorems About Special Parallelograms
2 ELA Reading Non-fictional Text
7 Social Studies Nevada: The State of Sin?
4 12 ELA Amazon: FFT Study Guide Set 4 Evidence Based Analysis: Hamlet's State of Mind
2 Math Solving Word Problems
9 Social Studies Enlightenment: Text Dependent Questions
5 4 Science Amazon: FFT Study Guide Set 5 Electricity
11 Math Inscribed Angles
7 ELA Evidence Based Authentic Discussion
6 10 Math Amazon: FFT Study Guide Set 6 The Golden Ratio
5 ELA Comparing and Contrasting Across Texts
K Math Decomposing 10
7 6 Math Amazon: FFT Study Guide Set 7 Dividing Fractions
9 ELA Synthesizing Literature: Evidence Based Analysis
1 Math Addition and Subtraction: Story Problems
8 4 ELA Amazon: FFT Study Guide Set 8 Reading Workshop
K ELA Taking Notes
9 Math System of Linear Equations

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