Framework for Teaching: Intellectual Engagement-Bound Copies, English

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This guide and its approach are informed by our conversations with educators, our experience as an organization, and what we’ve learned from our partners. We provide here our current thinking, recommendations for reflection and practice, and suggestions for professional learning on the topic of intellectually engaging instruction. Recent events have focused more attention on systemic racism in our systems of education and our practices as a field, which many scholars and educators have long been working to dismantle. COVID-19 forced us into the type of personalized, 21st-century learning that many have long championed. With this richer context, we have an opportunity to create even more intellectually engaging and just learning environments that support student autonomy, a sense of belonging, and success.

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Charlotte Danielson is the author of a number of resources to support teachers and administrators. We highly recommend training for all teachers, school leaders, and staff using the Framework. Developing a common understanding is critical to accuracy, teaching advancement, and the Framework’s impact on students’ core learning.