The Framework for Teaching Card Sort Kit

Kit Contents

Our Card Sort Kit is based on the popular activity conducted during our workshops. It is now available as a professional learning tool in your own school setting.

A Framework for Teaching card sort activity has long been used by Danielson Group consultants during workshops to enable educators to construct connections between classroom practice and the components, elements, and levels of performance in the Framework for Teaching.


We have based this Card Sort Kit on our popular workshop activity, and it is now available as a professional learning tool in your own school setting.

The activities in the kit can be used to spur self-reflection by observers and teachers, and invite evidence-based conversations. Rich discussions can take place on the actual practice of using the Framework to inspire professional goal setting and, ultimately, to increase student learning. This tool is aimed at encouraging professional discourse and further inquiry.

Each Kit includes:

  • Instructions: a step-by-step guide for facilitating the suggested activities and variations on how to use the Kit
  • Example/Scenario Cards: 48 real classroom examples from a variety of grade levels and content areas
  • Answer Keys: one answer key for Component and Element alignment; another for Level of Performance (LOP)
  • Language of Support: direct language from the rubrics to provide a rationale for answers and to ground discussion
  • Smart Card: a quick, one-page reference to the Framework and a summary of each Domain

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Charlotte Danielson is the author of a number of resources to support teachers and administrators. We highly recommend training for all teachers, school leaders, and staff using the Framework. Developing a common understanding is critical to accuracy, teaching advancement, and the Framework’s impact on students’ core learning.