FFT: Intellectual Engagement Observation Tool-Bound Copies, English

IE Guide Observation Tool Cover

A companion tool to the Framework for Teaching: Intellectual Engagement guide, the Observation Tool, can be used in conjunction with the Self-Assessment and Reflection Tool for a variety of purposes, including: 

  • As an opportunity for an observer to work with individual teachers to reflect on their practice by focusing on one, or all eight, of these critical components.
  • By grade level and/or department teams, or an entire staff to gauge how teachers are doing and where support might be needed.
  • As a way to gauge teacher growth and progress from a beginning point to an end-point (and along the way), whether it’s the beginning/end of year, or as a readiness indicator at the launch of an inquiry cycle.

However this tool is used, the intent should always be to promote reflection, improvement, and support.

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Charlotte Danielson is the author of a number of resources to support teachers and administrators. We highly recommend training for all teachers, school leaders, and staff using the Framework. Developing a common understanding is critical to accuracy, teaching advancement, and the Framework’s impact on students’ core learning.