New Resource For Educators Helps Accelerate Learning By Increasing Student Engagement

October 29, 2021

New Resource For Educators Helps Accelarate Learning By Increasing Student Engagement

The Danielson Group launches free tools to increase intellectual engagement, mitigate learning loss, and support educators to lead equitable learning environments.

CHICAGO, IL – As schools across the country struggle to help students recover from the academic and social-emotional toll of the pandemic, the Danielson Group (DG) is meeting this need by providing free, research-based resources to educators. The DG, a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing educator practice and student success, released The Framework for Teaching: Intellectual Engagement Guide and two companion tools this month, which help educators boost student engagement and learning. 

“Finding ways to keep students engaged in classrooms isn’t a new issue,” says Jim Furman, Executive Director of the Danielson Group. “Boosting intellectual engagement can help learning recovery and our latest resources identify successful strategies to create learning environments that are more intellectually engaging and better support student success and overall sense of belonging.” 

The guide and companion tools, grounded in the renowned Framework for Teaching (FFT), provide a roadmap for effective teaching and learning. The Self-Assessment & Reflection Tool and the Observation Tool help educators identify specific classroom practices that improve student engagement, accelerate learning, and create equitable learning environments.

Intellectual engagement is intrinsically linked to students’ overall social-emotional well-being. When students feel supported by caring adults and are intellectually engaged, learning improves. They are more likely to excel academically and have a stronger sense of connection with the school. This is why building a safe and nurturing culture that invites students to utilize their minds and connect new information with prior understanding of shared topics is important in today’s classrooms. The DG’s latest resources highlight strategies that increase students’ focus, motivate them to practice critical thinking skills, and ultimately promote meaningful learning experiences.

This guide and the companion tools build upon the success of the DG’s Framework For <Remote> Teaching Guide and reflect current research and information gathered from scholars and practitioners in the field. They are part of a series of DG resources that share tips for creating engaging learning environments for all students including how to successfully arrange classrooms for learning, facilitate interactive educational experiences, and engage students in collaboration, dialogue, and critical thinking.

These resources prioritize student wellbeing, equity, and racial justice and are available for download on the Danielson Group’s website

About the Danielson Group

The Danielson Group works with school systems across the country to bring out the best in their teachers by creating professional learning programs and policies that provide the right levels of support all along a teacher’s career path. Since its founding in 2003, the Danielson Group  has worked with thousands of schools and tens of thousands of educators to advance the teaching profession in service of student learning and development.