Introduction to the Framework for Teaching

Charlotte Danielson has recorded a series of video modules to support large districts in introducing the Framework for Teaching to all staff members. These modules can be licensed on a yearly basis from The Danielson Group and used at the convenience of the district during professional learning sessions (such as faculty meetings). These are not asynchronous online individualized learning modules, but instead are intended for use by groups of educators meeting together face to face. Use of the modules requires a 60 minute orientation webinar.

Facilitator notes for leading the modules are also included in the cost of the program. Each sequential module is designed for completion in one hour, and are ideal for staff development meetings.

After completing the set of modules, participants will:

  • Understand the structure and the language of the Framework for Teaching.
  • Know the domains and components of the Framework for Teaching.
  • Identify the distinguishing characteristics of each of the Framework’s levels of performance.
  • Identify examples of practice that illustrate the domains and components of the Framework for Teaching.

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