Personalize professional learning in your district through products and services designed to improve instructional practice for all teachers.

Personalize professional learning in your district

  • IDENTIFY educator strengths and areas of focus through our Professional Growth Inventory

  • USE Learning Plans to guide targeted educator development

  • PROVIDE a customized roadmap for active and concrete learnings

  • IMPLEMENT asynchronous and data-driven learning opportunities for educators


Professional Growth Inventory

Inventory features:

  • Questions based on and aligned to the comprehensive Danielson Framework for Teaching Clusters
  • Easy to use format, providing a quick snapshot of potential focus areas for targeted supports
  • Personalized learning opportunities and recommendations tied to data that provide educators with a suggested list of activities
  • A library of offerings to guide learning

Customized Learning Plans

Each learning plan features:

  • Deep dives into educators’ areas of strengths and growth based on the trusted Danielson Framework for Teaching Clusters

  • Collaborative and personal goal-setting

  • Access to professional articles
    aligned to targeted focus areas

  • A dynamic discussion forum providing opportunities to reflect upon new learnings within a diverse community
    of peers and coaches/advisors

Video Observation Platform


  • Broadcast-quality video library with more than 1,400 videos

  • Tch Recorder App to easily upload videos from your smartphone or tablet
  • Cross-team collaboration through blended environments and PLCs
  • Customized learning sequences
  • Dashboards for metrics and analytics by school or district


The Framework for Teaching Clusters and Teaching Channel Plus

$49 per teacher

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