Charlotte Danielson is the author of the Framework for Teaching (FFT),  an acclaimed educator and author, in addition to being the founder and board chair of The Danielson Group (DG). She began her career in education over 50 years ago as a teacher in a multi-age (1st and 2nd grade) classroom in Washington, D.C. From her first year in the classroom, she recognized the importance of encouraging students’ natural intellectual curiosity and creating the conditions that allow them to engage with important concepts and content. Twenty-five years later (and almost 25 years ago), after working as a teacher, curriculum director, staff development director, and assessment designer, she put pen to paper and wrote Enhancing Professional Practice: A Framework for Teaching.  The Danielson Framework, as it has come to be called, has become the most widely used instructional framework in the United States. Charlotte is an internationally-recognized expert in the area of teacher effectiveness. She advises State Education Departments and National Ministries and Departments of Education. Read more about her on Our Team page.