The Danielson Group (DG) is a non-profit organization founded by Charlotte Danielson to strengthen professional practice and promote educational policies that elevate teacher development and leadership in service of student learning. Our team works with school systems, districts, state agencies,education networks, and universities across the country to bring out the best in teachers by creating professional learning programs and policies that provide the right levels of support all along a teacher’s career path. Our vision is that each educator and student experiences a learning environment that promotes joyful inquiry, efficacy, intellectual rigor, and reflection grounded in the Framework for Teaching (FFT). Danielson developed the FFT to promote clear and meaningful conversations about effective teaching practice.

Since its founding in 2003, The Danielson Group (DG) has worked to advance the principles of the FFT by partnering with tens of thousands educators and policy leaders, as well as thousands of schools across the United States and abroad to enhance their practice—ensuring that each student can acquire deep understanding of important, complex content.