Merging our expertise with yours and the educators and school leaders in your community, we work to support our partners in providing equitable learning environments and experiences. The Framework for Teaching (FFT) and our supporting resources have been used in millions of classrooms worldwide. We are proud and honored to work across incredibly diverse settings with partners who are dedicated to building more equitable and just classrooms and schools. Our partners include schools, districts, state agencies, universities, and others who use the FFT and have worked with us to strengthen professional practice, elevate great teaching, and inspire a shift from evaluation toward growth. Our partnerships range from initial adoption of the FFT, to building capacity within districts and schools, to completely designing (or redesigning) systems of professional learning and support. The network of FFT users continues to grow, and we make our core resources freely available beyond our direct partnerships. Through our course and workshop offerings, we strive to facilitate relevant, holistic professional learning.