Doing What Has To Be Done

March 20, 2020

Teachers are resilient and persistent human beings. Our response to the call to action in the last couple of weeks has demonstrated collective efficacy around the globe. Watching it all unfold is beyond extraordinary as educators share, collaborate and rally together. Our communities have taken notice, not only because their children miss their teachers, but also, they are discovering how complex it is to engage their students in learning.
We are resourceful. We are flexible and responsive. We are servant leaders who roll up our sleeves to deliver food, donate money, and do whatever it takes. We worry about our kids’ well-being during these inconceivable times, but we show them strength. We always work tirelessly on behalf of students and perhaps we didn’t know exactly how to move it all “online,” or make it happen from a distance, but we knew what we had to do. We turned to our colleagues near and far. Now, the most challenging part will be to do what you have to do for you.