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With the Danielson Group’s Support, Anchor Your School Community in a Vision of Instructional Excellence.

The Danielson Group will help your team develop and deliver a coherent, research-based and growth-focused learning program with a variety of opportunities that ensure educators are prepared to meet each and every student’s needs. Whether you are new to the Framework for Teaching (FFT) or have been using it for years, we can provide the support you need to more fully leverage its power for teaching growth.

Our Vision

Each and every student and educator experiences inclusive, affirming, and joyful school environments that promote important learning, inquiry, personal growth, and social consciousness.

Our Mission

The Danielson Group’s Mission is to fundamentally change professional learning to bring out the best in teachers.

The Danielson Group empowers instructional leaders and school systems across the country and around the world to bring out the best in teachers through professional learning systems and practices that promote inquiry, innovation, dignity, and joy, and are grounded in the most widely adopted and influential vision of student-centered, transformative teaching and learning – the Framework for Teaching (FFT).

Professional Learning Experts

Our team of DG Framework Specialists are industry experts passionate about education and driving impactful change. You’ll work with a collaborative network to bring deep content knowledge and coaching experts to your school community.

Our work with instructional leaders has impacted:

  • Over 9,000 schools

  • Over 400,000 teachers

  • Over 5,000,000 students

Integration with the Updated Framework

DG courses and partnerships are grounded in our guiding resource, the Framework for Teaching. The updated FFT is here to support your efforts to expand your practice, learn new ways to engage with students, and create innovative approaches that will forever change the way we think about school.

Customized Support

Our team will leverage your school community’s strengths and meet your unique needs for instructional success. The DG’s customized professional learning offerings are flexible and can be focused on department, school-wide, or district-wide teams of teachers and instructional coaches.

The Danielson Group & The Framework Support Educators To Reach Their Goals

When asked to reflect on their experiences with the DG, 98% of educators and school leaders are satisfied with our professional learning offerings and feel encouraged to continue developing professional skills.

Over the last two and a half decades, the FFT has been used by countless educators worldwide, and the Danielson Group has partnered with thousands of organizations supporting educators in 49 states and U.S. territories and 15 other countries.

Professional Learning Courses & Opportunities

All courses are available in self-paced, blended, or private group options.


Participants will have the opportunity to draw connections between the Framework and their own practice as we focus on putting the Framework to work as the centerpiece of a learning culture and teacher-directed inquiry.


Participants will have the opportunity to dig into the Framework for Teaching rubrics and focus on the foundational skills needed to support a culture of adult learning and growth in schools


Participants will learn the importance of knowing and valuing students, modeling mindsets for learning, and enhancing learning experiences through social and emotional development and academics.


Participants will build towards three skills: Collecting objective evidence; Aligning evidence of practice to the components of the Framework for Teaching; and Assessing practice using the Framework for Teaching Rubrics. This course is designed to assess your proficiency in these three important skills needed by observers of classroom practice to conduct observations that are focused on teacher growth.


Participants will be led through a step-by-step process highlighting the mechanics of effective PLCs that can be tailored to their own context. This also pushes you to reflect on how PLCs are situated within a greater Professional Learning System and a culture that supports it.


Based on various aspects of the Framework, sessions can be developed and delivered through the year to address identified needs and interests of teachers on an as-needed basis to assist with specific areas of teacher growth and development.

Our Impact

As a result of partnering with the Danielson Group, instructional leaders improve their ability to establish and sustain a system and culture of professional learning where teachers engage in powerful reflection, collaboration, and coaching, ultimately leading to more effective classroom practice in at least 10% of schools across the country.

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