What Educators Need To Succeed

A teacher is holding alphabet sheet in front of a group of students.

Why flexibility, autonomy, and the right support are the keys to a successful school year. By Jim Furman Over the past twenty years, our world has adapted to the presence […]

Greater Context Adds Value and Clarity to Teaching

Teacher helping student with model while student looks at board instructions in the background.

By The Danielson Group Team In 1996, when Charlotte Danielson first published the Framework for Teaching, Bill Clinton was re-elected President of the United States; the average gas price was $1.71 […]

PL-I Didn’t Learn This In College!

A Coach’s Perspective On The Professional Learning with Impact (PLI) Project By Sarah Bombick with an introduction from Teresa Lien The Danielson Group (DG) is partnering with Learning Forward in a […]